Official page of the house-museum

Official page of the house-museum


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The Manuel Benítez House-Museum “El Cordobés” is located in an old restored manor house and located on the same street where he was born.

The permanent exhibition of this central figure of bullfighting is housed here, a space inaugurated in 2015 that, in addition to tracing the evolution of the international bullfighter from Palma, draws the bullfighting panorama of Palma del Río with its bullfighters, bullfighters, picadors, livestock farms...

With this exhibition space, the Palma del Río City Council aims to create an informative and educational environment, in which to enjoy the proposed contents and appreciate the values ​​that led the bullfighter to become one of the greatest figures in bullfighting.

The story of Manuel Benítez El Cordobés is a story of struggle and overcoming. In that constant fight he has been lucky enough to always emerge victorious, but not because he has not received blows, punches and gorings, but because he has gotten up and faced his rival again, both in the arena and in life, with tenacity, perseverance and determination.

These ideals, which took shape in the arenas of their bullfighting shows, are what motivated their great success, with which the masses of the public of a very specific generation identified, which astonished the world and inspired writers and artists.

The distribution of this House-Museum is divided into three different parts:

  • Ground Floor: with the reception and the central patio of the old manor house.
  • First Floor: here we find rooms with different themes, in which the visitor can explore the entire life and professional career of Manuel Benítez “El Cordobés”, as well as enjoy a space dedicated to the bullfighting tradition of Palma del Río.


Admission is free and capacity is controlled.

Do not touch the museum pieces or lean on the display cases

Eating and drinking are prohibited on museum premises.


Casa-Museo de Manuel Benítez «El Córdobés»

Phone: + 34 682 924 225

C/ Ancha, 35. Palma del Río (Córdoba)

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